L’Art du compositing

muchimuchi proposes a new technique: Compositing. This consists of superimposing several images to obtain only one. Compositing makes it possible to manufacture different brand universes by recreating extraordinary atmospheres.
Looking to embody a product by the sea or in a foreign country? A very difficult and expensive effect to obtain from a photograph in situation. Digital retouching and studio photography combine intentions to provide a perfectly adjusted image. The compositing is inexpensive, quick to produce and modular at will.
This creative solution is perfectly suited to the growing needs of impacting images on social networks. Good Compositing combines artistic direction, digital retouching and photography. Let's meet up !

vague-mise in situ.jpg
Nicolas dondina _MESSIKA.jpg
Etapes de production.gif
Nicolas Dondina-L'aiglon.jpg

Another example with the Lacoste perfume that was added to this photo of "Joseph Greve" in post-production. This manipulation was done internally at muchimuchi. The bottle was photographed in our studio with a green background and then embedded in the image.
At this point it is impossible to detect any inconsistency of nesting.


Here is an example of GIFS creation, created from one of our compositing for Marc Jacobs. This content is entirely produced by the agency, from the creative direction to photographs and retouching. At muchimuchi we integrate all stages of production and claim know-how equivalent to the best international photo post-production studios.

montage +fond.jpg
Nicolas-DONDINA-Marc Jacobs.gif
montage +fond2.jpg
mise en page2.jpg
bague horizontale-perso.jpg
bague horizontale-vierge.jpg

Incrustation de la chaussure sur fond de terrain de tennis.